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25 January 2023

One of the most effective forms of in-school control is class monitoring. This form has various aims: to assess the level of teaching of subjects in the final year, the quality of learning of programme material, and the level of preparation for the final examinations. In addition to the direct objectives, other tasks may also be carried out in the course of classroom revision. The described algorithm of class monitoring has been tested in our school for several years.

According to the school work plan a class monitoring and summary control was held in grade 11 “A” in December 2022.

A class summary control was followed by a meeting of teachers. The class teacher and psychologist presented detailed psychological and pedagogical characteristics of the class collective. Deputy Head of the School conducted monitoring of the progress and quality of knowledge in the class, selected subjects, compared to previous years, analyzed the results of administrative inspections of the main subjects. Subject teachers have reported on the results of checking student notebooks. Deputy Head for Educational Work analyzed the work of the class teacher with the parents and the current state of educational work in the class.

The pedagogical council resulted in the Resolution and recommendations for improvement of the pedagogical activity of the school.

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    Almaty, Mynbaev St. 102