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Students in grades 1-6 are at school from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm unless they stay in one of the sports clubs or dance studio until 7:00 pm. Three meals a day are organized for them in the school cafeteria – complex breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea according to the approved menu, which provides for the possibility of choosing a main course.


Students in grades 7-11 stay at school until 3.10 pm. They can have breakfast or lunch in the school cafeteria, choosing from an approved menu, or at the buffet, choosing from an approved list.


In addition, parents of students can order festive lunches or afternoon snacks from the canteen administration for class activities at the school, since it is prohibited to bring food and dishes made in other organizations.


The quality of food and meals is controlled by the rejection commission, which carries out its activities in accordance with the relevant Regulation.

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    Almaty, Mynbaev St. 102