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Caring for the preservation of children’s health and ensuring their safety is one of the priorities of Turan Lyceum school.

The territory is fenced and guarded. Unauthorized entry and exit from the school grounds are not allowed.

The buildings and territory are equipped with video cameras and are under the supervision of security guards and administration.

In connection with the epidemiological situation, conditions have been created that ensure the fulfillment of sanitary requirements:


— study groups consist of 15 students;

— distance between tables – 1.5 m, individual tables;

— building entrances are equipped with disinfection tunnels and mats. Outlets are located separately;

— non-contact thermometers are used to measure the temperature at the inlet and during the day;

— conditions have been created for timely wet cleaning with disinfecting agents, quartzing and ventilation of classrooms and common areas;

— sanitizers are installed;

— drinking regime is provided;

pupils and teachers are provided with personal protective equipment.

During the warm period, some of the lessons are held on specially equipped grounds of the school area.

Visits of groups on duty to the educational and health Tau Turan complex are also practiced. In addition to lessons, trainings and other leisure activities are organized there.

For students whose parents choose online learning, the educational process is organized remotely. For this, all rooms are equipped with video cameras. Children connect on a schedule and remotely attend lessons.


In the case when the whole class is on distance learning, the lessons are conducted as a video conference.


Online training is conducted on the GoogleClass platform.

The psychological, medical and pedagogical service includes four educational psychologists, a speech therapist, a doctor and a nurse.


Each class is assigned a teacher-psychologist who should contribute to the creation of a favorable psychological climate for all participants in the educational process, help to identify the inclinations and abilities of each child and participate in building an individual trajectory of his development. To this end, he/she solves the following tasks:

— conducts individual and group diagnostic and corrective measures, consultations and trainings;

— attends lessons and analyzes the quality of teacher-student interaction, as well as interpersonal relationships between children;

— gives recommendations to parents, if necessary;

— is engaged in educational activities, issues of professional development of teachers in the field of psychology, etc.


A speech therapist deals with the correction of reading and writing disorders, as well as the prevention of these disorders, which are the most common forms of speech pathology of primary schoolchildren. Speech therapy is aimed at developing coherent speech; pronunciation correction; accumulation and improvement of the vocabulary; development of speech hearing, grammatical side of speech and articulatory motor skills; teaching the skills of word formation. In the field of his/her attention are the tasks for the development of mental processes (attention, memory, perception, thinking), as well as the formation of elementary educational skills (to be able to listen carefully to the teacher, purposefully and diligently perform the assigned task, adequately assess the result of his/her work and correct mistakes).


The doctor provides emergency medical assistance to students; conducts preventive examinations of students, flu prevention; carries out immunization based on the national immunization schedule (in agreement with the parents); assists students with health complaints; works with parents (extracts from medical records, informing about planned vaccinations and medical examinations); identifies students who need to be exempted from exams for health reasons. In addition, organizes preventive examination of children by specialists of different profiles; participates in the preparation of psychological, medical and pedagogical councils; monitors compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements; monitors the menu, the quality of products and dishes prepared from them, in the school cafeteria.


The nurse provides emergency medical assistance; helps the doctor in working with parents, in conducting preventive examinations; gives vaccinations in the presence and under the supervision of a doctor; stores medicines according to requirements; controls the organization of meals in the school canteen and compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements at the school.

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