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About School

About School

There is a soccer field, basketball, volleyball, and playground in the school yard. The territory is carefully maintained: fresh lawns, alpine hills and flower beds create a good mood. Children enjoy spending their free time in the yard and playing sports.

About School

There are «English speaking club» and «Tildesu», as well as a robotics club.

About School

The staff of the psychological-medical-pedagogical service (four teachers-psychologists, a speech therapist, two doctors: a pediatrician and a neurologist) provide professional support for the educational process.

The school “Lyceum “Turan” is a structural unit of the University “Turan”.


Year of foundation: 1996.

State license No. 0163666. General term of validity is unlimited.


«Lyceum «Turan» is a full-day school. Classes are held in the mode of five-day week. The education is carried out from the pre-school preparation class up to the 11th grade. Children of 5-6 years are admitted to the pre-school preparation class. The basic admission runs from 1 February to 31 August, and the vacant places are filled throughout the school year.


The form of admission is testing and an interview.

Holiday time is determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The number of students in the lyceum is no more than 500, most of the children know each other, each child is in the focus of pedagogical attention, and therefore the atmosphere looks like a family.


The average class size is 20 students.


All of our children are talented, but each child has different talents, tendencies to certain types of activities, the study of academic disciplines, and in addition, the pace and methods of their learning can differ. We try to take these features into consideration.


The schedule is designed so that children feel good throughout the day: intellectual, creative and physical activities are interspersed. Rest, meals and walks are provided.


The main lessons are followed by self-study lessons:


 – Self-study lessons for children in grades 1-6;

– Group sessions to develop science, social and business projects;

– Correctional classes in core academic subjects, where students can get individual advice to fill in individual gaps;

– Elective classes for in-depth study of subjects, preparing children for intellectual Olympiads and competitions;

– Club activities in different creative directions (painting, dancing, choral and vocal singing, piano, etc.);

– Sports activities (football, basketball, karate, chess, etc.)

The school has created favourable conditions for the education, upbringing and development of students, which is ensured, among other things, by quality infrastructure.


Our school is located in three buildings. 


– The main building houses classrooms equipped with modern technology, including interactive ones. There is also a library with a rich book collection.

– On the top floor, far from the noise of school changes and sports, there is a large bright space for educational and play activities for the pre-school children and their bedroom. 

– The second building is a sports and health complex. In the same building there are workshops for teaching technology and painting, classes for music and chess, etc.

– On two floors of the third building there are kitchen and large dining room. The third floor is a huge hall where various events (festive performances and concerts, seminars, trainings, etc.) are held. All hulls are interconnected by transitions that provide comfortable movement between them.


The school’s infrastructure is not limited to its territory. Since we are part of the educational corporation «Turan», some classes of students of 10-11 grades (above all, exceeding the state educational standards) are conducted in the university, which allows our children to immerse themselves in the student environment.

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