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At Turan Lyceum pupils of grades 1-6 stay at school until 5.00 pm. If they visit sports sections or a dance studio, they stay until 7.00 pm. In grades 7-11 lessons end at 3.10 pm, but some of the children stay to work on a project, prepare for the Olympiad or play sports.


One way or another, but children spend a significant amount of time at school, part of which is free when they decide what to do for themselves. During breaks, younger schoolchildren prefer outdoor games, run along special paths, walkers.


 Older children spend time in recreational areas where you can work on a project, read, chat with friends.

Walks on the school grounds are scheduled. Leisure of elementary school students is organized by teachers and educators on the territory assigned to the class. Middle and senior students are active on the sports grounds, but they can relax in the alcove, sit and chat on the bench.

Прогулки на территории школы предусмотрены расписанием. Досуг учеников начальной школы организуют учителя и воспитатели на закреплённой за классом территории. Ученики среднего и старшего звена активничают на спортивных площадках, но могут отдохнуть в беседке, посидеть и пообщаться на скамейке.

2.1 Holiday Camp is one of the projects of Turan Lyceum school. 


The teaching staff of our school cares about the well-being of the families of their students. Realizing that some parents have difficulties in organizing children’s recreation during the holidays, we organized a Holiday camp (for autumn, winter and spring holidays for students in grades 0-4).


Holiday Camp is a time of relaxation, interesting activities, fun outdoor games, exciting contests and competitions. In the camp, children have educational excursions to the library, visits to a theatrical performance, a cinema, “handmade” classes in creative laboratories of interest, etc.


The school camp program allows you to use the resources and capabilities of the school as efficiently as possible, to take into account the interests of children and the requests of their parents. We have created the conditions for the development of intellectual, communicative, physical abilities of the Holiday Camp participants, and a comfortable social and psychological atmosphere contributes to the strengthening of mental health.

2.2 Rainbow summer school camp


The Rainbow summer camp begins its work at the end of May. Students of 0-5 grades visit it.


The territory of the school and the material and technical base allow us to create all the necessary conditions for a good rest.


Three meals a day, daytime sleep, active games and sports competitions, visits to the pool and the zoo, excursions to the cultural centers of the city – all this makes children’s rest pleasant and useful.

Our school is a structural subdivision of the Turan Educational Corporation, which also includes the Educational and Health-improving Tau Turan Complex.

Tau Turan Complex is located just 30 minutes from the city center, in a picturesque corner of the Zailiyskiy Alatau and works all year round.

Our students have the opportunity to relax in it during the summer holidays and during the school year. We hold health days there, various competitions and trainings.

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