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Shabliyev Sergey Vitalyevich

I graduated from Turan University.


Before school, I worked for myself in various fields of work.


What I am really proud of from what I have done. I am proud that I found my dream job.


When I was a schoolboy, I used to think that school was very time consuming.


In fact, in my childhood, I dreamt of becoming an astronaut.


Now I think school is very time-consuming.


I am grateful to the people who became my teachers. Any interaction with people is an experience with whatever sign.


I also learn from my students an easy attitude towards life.


To wake up in the morning and get ready for school, I say to myself, ” Hurray! Back to work”.


After work, I usually and unusually work.


The ideal school of the future is “Turan” Lyceum.

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    Almaty, Mynbaev St. 102