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Islamgulova Svetlana Konstantinovna

I graduated from the Abai Kazakh Pedagogical Institute, Natural Sciences and Geography faculty, specialty – teacher of chemistry and biology.


Before school I worked… I didn’t work anywhere. I came to school as soon as I finished the institute.


Before school “Turan” Lyceum I worked in “Turan” University as the vice-rector on science, innovations and strategic development. Then and now I combine my main work with teaching the courses “Fundamentals of Management” and “Psychology of Human Resource Management” at the Department of Psychology. Before the Turan University I worked as a director of the Institute for Professional Development and Retraining of Education System Personnel in Almaty.


What I am really proud of from what I have done. I am proud that I have spent my life doing what I love, that I have managed to combine leadership, research and teaching; that the subject of my dissertation research became my own school management experience; and that I have brought up three wonderful children.


I graduated from a school with a profound study of literature. We had 11 hours a week of special subjects, including stylistics and journalism. After the 9th grade we had an internship in the magazine ” Friendly Kids”. Foreign literature was taught to us by university professors. Although at school I liked mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, and I chose chemistry and biology when entering the university, I am convinced in the great benefit of a high-quality humanitarian education.


In fact, in my childhood I dreamt of becoming a teacher.


Currently, I think that school should help a child to be happy.


I am grateful to the people who became my teachers. At school we had very good teachers. With special warmth I remember the physicist Vityutnev Vladimir Vasilyevich. Everyone loved physics at his lessons. He could captivate. And he also took us to the mountains to spend the night. Everyone without restrictions. And also he used to take us to the mountains for overnight stays. There were no restrictions for anyone. Thanks to him, our fourth grade parallel was very friendly. University did not have much influence on me. As for my adult life, I consider academician Monakhov Vadim Makarievich to be my teacher. He had an impact on me and my future. In a positive way.


I also learn from my student teachers… As a teacher, I work with university students, but at school, of course, I interact with my pupils. They help me to be in the context of the time and motivate me to keep developing. I can’t disappoint them.


To get up in the morning and prepare for school, I say to myself… I don’t say anything. It’s just already on automatic. Around 6 o’clock my brain wakes up, my eyes open, I wake up and get ready.


After work I usually take a walk, about 7 km, listening to another audiobook. Then sometimes I watch a good movie or an educational program (I don’t have TV, I use the internet) or work.


The ideal school of the future is a school where either teachers or students feel comfortable and joyful. Mutual respect and love reign.

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