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21 December 2022

The main objective of education is the development of functional literacy. Reading and working with information take a special place among the metacompetent learning activities.

On the 21st of December there was an open lesson on literary reading in the grade 2 “B”.

On the lesson of literary reading Zimukhan Aisulu Serikovna has taken the method of meaningful reading, which includes three stages of work with the text as the base for forming the reading literacy of the primary schoolchildren:

  1. Work with the text before reading (pre-textual activity).
  2. Work with text during reading. Combined reading (reading – listening and reading aloud by individual students). Talking about initial reading of text.

III. Work with text after reading. Group work on re-reading, comprehension, application – brief retelling, analysis of the story – identification of positive and negative aspects, synthesis (creative transformation of acquired knowledge into a new product – play), which is assessed by mutual evaluation.

The teacher used the explanatory-illustrative method of teaching, in which the students acquire knowledge from the teacher’s story, the textbook, manuals and technical teaching aids. The material is discussed and understood with the help of reproductive thinking.

Also, a partly exploratory method: making a riddle, using an analogy.

Problem presentation method at the goal-setting stage: students decode a word using their knowledge of the alphabet.

To check comprehension of the studied material, the group work method “6 hats” was used.

When summing up the lesson, the formative evaluation method was used, using symbols of duckies.

The lesson was characterised by friendly cooperation both between the teacher and the students and among the children.

Due to the selection of exercises and the combination of different methodological methods the objective was achieved.

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