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28 December 2022

On December 28, the congress hall hosted a New Year’s fairy tale, ” Buratino”, for students in grades 5-11.

It was a creative report from the drama club ” Little Tiger”. The fairy tale was written jointly by the participants of the drama group and the school parliament of the Lyceum Council.  Authors: Volkova Vilena, student of grade 9 “A” and Gerasimenko Alexander, student of grade 5 “B”. The plot of the story was filled with stories and characters from old fairy tales and modern media products.

Each participant of the tale made his own contribution to the plot.

Sotnikova Elizaveta, a student of 11th “A” grade, created the choreographic numbers and coordinated the costumes for the actors.

Mamonov Felix, student of the 6 “B” grade, made additions in the story line of the fairy tale. Ruslan Abraimov, student of 6 “B” grade, was engaged in creation of scenery.

This is the first project for the ” Little Tiger” drama club, but not the last. On January 13th the participants will already perform an encore performance for the primary school children.

And they are preparing a new performance for the Nauryz holiday.

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