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1 September 2023

September 1 is the main holiday for all schoolchildren. This is the first step into the land of Knowledge for first-graders, the beginning of the finish line for graduates within the walls of their native school. A beautiful, touching, memorable day, such was the solemn meeting dedicated to the beginning of the new academic year at Turan Lyceum.

The director of the school, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Svetlana Konstantinovna Islamgulova and Rahman Alshanovich Alshanov, President of the educational Turan corporation, Rector of Turan University, congratulated the students on the new academic year, noting that learning is not easy, but joyful and exciting work.

A group of first-graders made a speech in response. They recited the poems.

Adele Kusekbayeva, a student of class 6 B performed the song, the karate section demonstrated a performance, whose coaching staff includes a graduate of our school Yuri Evgenievich Igumnov. Нe will represent the honor of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the World Championship in Japan in October this year.

After the meeting, all classes went to the class hour “I am a patriot of Kazakhstan”.

Congratulations to everyone on the start of the school year. May it become fruitful for everyone and rich in knowledge, discoveries, creativity and achievements!

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