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7 February 2023

Holiday! Holiday! For kids, it’s a time of relaxation, a wonderful time. Especially for six-year-olds.

In our lyceum, zero year students (that’s how we call future first graders) spent their holidays in a pre-school camp.

We went to the cinema to see the cartoon ” Moomijoshki”. We made an applique from stones. We visited Chocolandia where we played chocolate games, watched an informative video about chocolate and of course tasted different kinds of this delicacy, while decorating our chocolate shapes with chocolate paints. The first two days flew by! On the third day, the children set off on a space voyage to the Age of Dinosaurs. They learned all about prehistoric lizards, got dinosaur figurines and decorated their presents.

The holiday was fun, informative and useful

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    Almaty, Mynbaev St. 102