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10 February 2023

In accordance with the work plan of the school, in order to control the quality of knowledge of students, the level of formation of the class collective, the level of adaptation of students, improvement of pedagogical activities, a general class monitoring was done in the 5th grades.

Any transitional period in a person’s life is always associated with problems. The transition of students from primary school is a difficult and responsible period; the rest of their school life depends on how the adaptation process goes. Our task is to find out what is going on with our children, what worries and concerns they have and what problems they face, and to decide what real help we can give them.

This was the topic of discussion at the meeting on the results of class monitoring in the 5th grades. Class teachers and psychologist presented detailed psychological and pedagogical characteristics of class collectives. Deputy Head of the School conducted monitoring of the progress and quality of knowledge in classes, separate subjects, compared to previous years, analyzed the results of administrative inspections of the main subjects. Subject teachers reported on results of inspecting student’s reading technique and exercise books. Deputy Head for Educational Work analyzed the work of the class teachers with parents and the state of educational work in the class.

The result of the pedagogical council was the adoption of a resolution and recommendations to improve the pedagogical activities of the school.

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