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Our Achievements

First of all, the quality of educational activity of the school is confirmed by the educational achievements of its students.


According to the results of the last academic year, 100% of the students successfully mastered the educational programme, including the courses prescribed by the State Educational Standards and the courses which constitutes the Lyceum component, of which 78% achieved good and excellent grades. These indicators are confirmed by the results of external control. The average score of our graduates UNT is always much higher than the city average. In the 2017-2018 academic year, two graduates of the school received certificates with honors, and in the current academic year, three eleven-graders are candidates for the award «Altyn belgy».


100% of graduates immediately after school enter higher education. According to the results of the 2017-2018 academic year, 33.3% continued their studies in Kazakh universities, half of them received grants. 8.3% entered universities in Russia, 58.4% – in universities and colleges of foreign countries.

In organizing the educational process, we proceed from the fact that every child is talented. The task of the teacher to recognize promptly the sphere of activity in which the most outstanding abilities of the child can manifest, and then create the conditions for their application and development. With consideration of this our teachers have developed and successfully implemented several in-depth study programs in a number of subjects that include study and extracurricular activities

For instance, students who are interested in mathematics and physics are taught by correspondence at the school of the Specialized Educational and Scientific Center of the Novosibirsk State University. At the same time, many manage this task perfectly. Teachers of the school «Lyceum «Turan» act as tutors.


Our students take an active part in various intellectual competitions. For example, Gavrushin Artyom, a student of the 8th grade, successfully competed at the regional Maths Olympiad, taking the 3rd place.


Our students demonstrated deep knowledge in mathematics and physics at the XIV International Olympiad «Urfodu» on the basics of science:


— Konstantinov Ilya (grade 5«A») – 2nd place;

— Ermolaev Maksim (grade 6«A») – 2nd place;

— Alapayeva Anel (grade 6«A») – 2nd place;

— Toktarova Dilnaz (grade 8«A») – 3rd place;

— Ignatyeva Tina (grade 10«A») – 3rd place;

— Kotova Elizabeth (grade 10«A») – 3rd place.


Students of the grade 1«B» became active participants of the International Olympiad on Mathematics «Winter Festival of Knowledge – 2019», organized by LLC «COMPADU». By completing interesting tasks, the children were able not only to test their knowledge of the subject, but also tried their hand at solving non-standard tasks for the development of logical thinking. Such an experience is intended to arouse a child’s interest in mathematics and give them the joy of rich intellectual communication. According to the results of the Olympiad awarded:


— 1st degree diplomas – Abuev Kerim, Auzhanova Dianna, Corbolin Timofey, Mirzadinov Tagir;

— 2nd degree diplomas – Breusov Grigoriy and Gayeva Miya;

— 3rd degree diplomas – Martyanova Ameliya and Koshkarov Artyom.


PONY contest – 2019: the main goal of the mathematical competition «Visiting Pythagoras» for students of 2nd-4th grades was to identify the level of abilities of students in the educational field «Mathematics», as well as to help parents and students in further work in this direction. Eleven students won this competition: Gulamov Daniyal, Seytbekova Ayaulym, Shalkhar Muameddin, Shestakova Anna (grade 2″A”); Aliakparov Adiyat, Zhanamkulov Daniyal (3rd grade); Baubekov Diar, Zhakypbai Daniyar, Kusekbayev Timur (grade 3”B”); Semenchenko Makar (grade 4”B”); Tsibulya Angela (grade 4”C”).

As a result of the International intellectual tournament in honor of  M.V. Lomonosova 5 students became prize-winners in mathematics (6th, 8th and 9th grades) and 2 – winners in computer science (Tamilla Dosken and Asiyat Gadzhiyeva from 11th grade).

The quality of the curriculum in the Kazakh language is also confirmed by the results of various Olympiads. Thus, in January 2019 the International Center for the Development of Education «Plato» held an Olympiad on the Kazakh language «Knowledge – Treasure». Our students took part in it, taking prizes.  Diplomas of the 1st degree and medals were awarded to Elizabeth Kotova, Hajiyeva Asiyat (11th grade), Abdullayev Tahir (3rd grade); diploma of the 2nd degree and a medal – Kodonidi Maria (grade 4«B»). Ramazanova Diana (grade 9«B») took the 1st place at the regional Olympiad in the Kazakh language.

The school focuses on the program of speech development of students in English. And here we have some achievements. For example, in 2018 Konstantinov Ilya (grade 5«A») took the 2nd place at the XIV International Olympiad «Urfodu» in English. Successfully performed at this Olympiad, taking the 3rd place Usenova Dilnaz and Kim Anna (grade 6«A»), Valiyeva Dariya, Levina Anna, Rakhimbekova Sabina and Tyan Darina (grade 6«B»).


The LXVI All-Russian Remote Heuristic Olympiad in English was attended by 144 students who competed in 3 age groups. Our students showed a decent result: the 1st place – Gaitukieva Yana (grade 4«A»); the 2nd place – Konstantinov Ilya (grade 5«A»); the 3rd place – Petrov Artyom (grade 4«B»).


The winners of the City Olympics organized by Cambridge Assessment English – Department of International Cambridge Examinations became Musin Altair (grade 7«B») and Vanyashina Valeriya (grade 5«B»).


From 10 to 20 October 2018 our students took part in the International remote competitions in English «Autumn 2018», As a result, diplomas of the 1st degree were awarded to Gaytukiyev Yana (grade 5«A»), Kuchina Sofiya-Carolina (grade 5«B»), diplomas of the 2nd degree – Zurdinova Amina and Gerasimov Danil (grade 5«A»), Tleugaly Togzhan (grade 6«A»); the 3rd degree diploma – Timchenko Erika (grade 5«A»). 


In the V International Olympiad «Knowledge» Yasmin Ismailova (grade 5«A») became a silver laureate in English.


At the 2019 Regional Olympiad in English Omarova Ayma (10th grade) took the 3rd place.


The Russian language development programme is of great interest to parents and students. Important indicators of the success of this programme are the results of various competitions. For example, at the XIV International Olympiad «Urfodu» in Russian in 2018 we won one first place, two second and eight third places: the 1st place – Konstantinov Ilya (grade 5«A»); the 2nd place – Sotnikova Yelizaveta (grade 6«A»), Levina Anna (grade 6«B»); the 3rd place – Astanina Alina, Salimov Aldiyar, Segizbayeva Zara, Usenova Dilnnaz (grade 6«A») and Bulembayev Amanali, Valiyeva Dariya, Kolesnikova Yelizaveta, Tyan Darina (grade 6«B»).


In the current academic year Ignatyeva Tina (11th grade), Kadyrova Adilya (10th grade) took 3rd place in Russian at the Regional Olympiad.


Also, lyceum students performed well at this Olympiad on literature: Kolesnikova Yelizaveta (grade 6«B»), Ignatyeva Tina and Dosten Tamilla (10«A») took the 2nd place.


Our children made great distinctions in the LII All-Russian distance heuristic Olympiad on literature (fairy tales and fantasy), which was held in April 2018: the 1st place – Dadamukhamedova Salma (grade 7″A”); the 2nd place – Nazarchuk Sofya (grade 7″A”); the 3rd place – Ospanova Diana (grade 7″A”).


Diana Himamutdinova and Aygerim Ospanova (grade 7 “A”) became winners in particular categories of the Olympiad.


Successfully performed this year at the Regional Olympiad, taking the 3rd place in biology Zhakambayeva Jasminel (11th grade) and geography – Sagandykov Marseil (10th grade).

The modern education system attaches great importance to students’ project work. At our school, children work on their projects during after-school hours throughout the school year. The best projects take part in city competitions. In 2019 4 projects won prizes in the annual city contest “Turan school science project” in the sections “Psychology”, “Kazakh philology and literature”, “Russian philology and literature” and “English philology and literature”.


In the city competition of social and business projects in 2019 our three projects took the 1st place, three – the 2nd and two – the 3rd place.

After school hours, technical, creative and sports clubs and sections are organized. For example, robotics classes are conducted in a specially equipped room. The students take part in various competitions with their interactive models. Thus, in May 2018 at the qualifying round of the National Championship “KazRoboSport” in Almaty, our team took the 2nd place in the competition “Robo-Sumo”.


In December 2018, the New Year tournament «Almaty Roboman – 2018/2019» was held, where more than 80 teams were registered. Vyazmin E. (9«A») and Gusakov Z. (6«A») distinguished themselves in the category Robocross. Among the participants of the Sumo category, our girls Tyan D. and Alapayeva A. reached the semi-finals.

Creative clubs are particularly popular. Our children take part and win in many painting and applied art competitions. For example, twelve students from grades 2, 3 and 5 won and four were awarded prizes in the 3rd National Children’s Art Competition “Winter Fantasy”. According to the results of the International Competition “New Year’s fairy tale 2019” (Moscow, Russia) Khisamutdinova Diana (grade 8 “A”) won the 2nd place, Kolobovnikova Valeriya (grade 1″B”) won the 3rd place.


In November 2018 at the city exhibition on decorative and applied art «Ata Oneri Balaga Mura» Timchenko Erika (grade 5«A») took the 3rd place.


Filippova Anastasia (grade 5 «B») took the 1st place in the drawing competition, dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian writer L.N. Tolstoy. The competition was organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, it was attended by 80 children from different regions of the country.


In April, nine of our students won the International competition «The Perfection 2019».


The 1st place:


– Kolobovnikova Lera (grade 1«V»),

– Tsoy Miya (grade 2«B»),

– Zurdinova Amina (grade 5«A»),

– Tokambetov Aldiyar (grade 4«B»);


the 2nd place:

– Phillipov Nastya (grade 5«B»);


the 3rd place:


– Baubekov Diar (grade 3«B»),

– Tajigulova Dayana (grade 4«B»),

– Chikanaeva Yasmin (grade 3«A»),

– Gulamov Daniyar (grade 2«A»)

On November 18, 2018, Alatau Palace hosted a grandiose Show Time city dance competition, where our students brilliantly displayed their talent and bright performance. In the “Pop Dance” category our Mozaika Dance Studio took the 1st place, in the “Solo Show” category Mirzadinov Tagir, a student of the grade 1″B”, took the 1st place, and in the “Street Dance Snow 13-16 years old large group” category Dremlyuk Darya, a student of the grade 9″B”, took the Grand Prize.

One of the most successful sports sections of the Turan Lyceum is the karate section. Here are just a few examples of our children’s achievements during this academic year. So, in annual Toshiro karate tournament, in which 520 fighters from Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries took part, Igumnov Yuriy took the 1st place, Belova Katerina and Smirnov Zakhar took the 2nd place.


On November 8-19, our karate athletes at the World Championships in Kiodokiokushinkai Karate performed with dignity, taking a whole collection of medals and cups: the 1st place – Belova Darya, Smirnova Darya, Igumnov Vladislav, the 2nd place – Igumnov Yuriy, the 3rd places – Tsoy Miya, Belova Yekaterina.


On 6-7 April 2019 Shchuchinsk (Borovoe resort) hosted the annual Shinkiokushinkai Karate Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 500 of the best fighters from all over the country, a very hard and uncompromising fight! Yuriy Igumnov, our lyceum student, who won a black belt in November, the 1st dan, successfully passed all stages of qualifying and semi-final fights and only in the final lost to a fighter from Astana by decision of the judges.

Chess class is compulsory for all primary school students, and the enthusiastic students of 6-9 classes are taught in the club. And our young chess players have certain successes. So, in November 2018, the guys took part in the city chess tournament. The champion became our pupil Djurkashev Miras, student of the grade 8«B».


In April 2019, Kuanysh Musa, a pre-school student at the age of 6, achieved his third adult rank in chess, taking the 4th place among 60 competitors.

There have been many achievements in other sports as well.  In September 2018, the national team of Lyceum Turan took part in the Golden Autumn athletics cross-country race with a result:


– the 1st place in the girls’ race of grades 5-6: Kayinbaeva Aida and Yun Yelizaveta (grade 5”B”);

– the 1st place in the 7-8th grade boys’ race: Vladislav Igumnov (grade 7″A”);

– the 1st place in the girls’ race of grades 7-8: Yelizaveta Sotnikova (grade 7″A”);

– the 2nd place in the boys’ race for grades 9-11: Yuriy Igumnov (grade 10”A”);

– the 3rd place in the girls’ race of grades 7-8: Anna Kim (grade 7”A”);

– the 3rd place in the girls’ 9-11th grades race: Gadzhiyeva Asiyat (grade 11“A”).

In October, the team of the school «Lyceum «Turan» on football in a persistent struggle took third place in the open city tournament on mini-football among the teams of the 3-4 grades of private schools of Almaty.


Our achievements were illustrated only by a part of the victories that the students of «Lyceum «Turan» won in the Olympiads, contests and competitions. Actually, there are a lot more wins.


We always celebrate the achievements of our students, and encourage everyone not to give up when they fail. After all, our aim is to develop proactive individuals who are able and willing to take responsibility for their own lives.

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